Monica Attanasi

Vice President, Senior Claim Consultant


Monica Attanasi is a Claim Consultant for Conner Strong & Buckelew and assists clients with all aspects of the claim process. She is responsible for receiving, analyzing, and submitting claims to the insurance carrier on behalf of our valued clients. Her duties include consulting with clients on coverage analysis, providing guidance and direction, assisting in negotiations with the insurance carrier and monitoring open claims. She works closely with our clients to ensure insurance carriers deliver prompt, fair claim handling and to assist clients with internal claim management efforts. She advocates for our clients to ensure claim resolutions are in our clients’ best interests.


Attanasi has over 20 years of claim experience. Prior to joining Conner Strong & Buckelew, she spent five years with Community Underwriters of America as a Casualty Supervisor where she managed complex liability claims. Her responsibilities included evaluating, reserving, negotiating, litigating and settling cases. Prior to this, she was a Senior Property Examiner for Curley Adjustment Bureau where she handled all aspects of first party property claims as a TPA with a client base that included school districts, municipalities and public entities. A major accomplishment in her career was the managing of disaster centers in 1992 and 1996 in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia where she was responsible for handling in excess of 7,000 claims for each catastrophe.


Rider University – Bachelor of Science in Marketing