Law Enforcement Services

A third of our staff have extensive law enforcement experience, including former New Jersey Chiefs of Police with over 90 years of combined law enforcement experience at the highest level. Our law enforcement services include:

  • Police Chief / Command Staff Ad-Hoc Safety Committee Meetings
  • On-site Law Enforcement Consultations
  • Law Enforcement Management and Staff Training
    • Career Survival for First-Line Supervisors
    • Career Survival for Police Officers
    • Employee Conduct and Workplace Violence
    • Implicit Bias in the Workplace
    • Preparing for First Amendment Audits
    • Risk Management for Police Command Staff
    • Roll Call Training Videos
    • Violence Prevention & Risk Considerations for CIT Trained Officers and Mental Health Professionals
  • Law Enforcement Bulletins
  • Law Enforcement Risk Analysis
  • Developing Partnerships and Interfacing with Law Enforcement Organizations such as the NJSACOP and other agencies